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Chavier Caamaño is an Emeryville, California based interdisciplinary design company intent on exploring the possibilities for inspired design in several diverse fields. 

Established in 2003 by architect & designer Alicia Chavier, the studio represents a concentrated effort in furthering exploration in several specific ways:  spatial and sculptural quality of form, uniqueness and integrity of materials, sensitive problem solving and inventive expression.  These principles find application in everything we do.

Design solutions always strive for simplicity of form, clarity of purpose and conservation of materials and resources.  We believe that attention to design is paramount and that the essence of style is universal.

about the designer

Designer and architect Alicia Chavier has a variety of design experience and has explored many creative pursuits for the entirety of her career.  Studying architecture was an inroad to the world of design, honing skills and learning the building blocks of the design process.  Seeing the many varieties of possible applications of creative energy has been a lifelong pursuit.

Traveling extensively and remaining open to the newness and variety of design and culture, Alicia has developed a belief in the universality of style, and believes it to be inherent in the way things are made: with simplicity, attention, imagination and creativity.

A trilingual Dominican-American, Alicia’s international background has instilled a natural desire and curiosity for travel.  This has propelled her to explore many parts of the world, enhancing her aesthetic sense and bringing back inspiration and valued creative energy for the work of Chavier Caamaño. 

Alicia Chavier has lived and worked in the San Francisco bay area for 12 years.  Having previously worked and studied in London (Bartlett School of Architecture), Minneapolis (U of MN, College of Architecture), Beijing (Tsinghua University) and Paris (Lycée Fénelon Sainte Marie).  Living, working and continually growing-up all over the world is a way of life and a passion for Alicia.

about the company

For this collection we combine clean modern styling with buttery soft bamboo, made with certified organic bamboo fibers, in a lightweight jersey knit and a luxurious fleece.  Complimenting these are a beautiful and unique hand painted silk organza and a comfortable soft wool melton.  Our edge trims are made in house from silk fabric which is hand loomed by village weavers in Cambodia.

jersey is 95% bamboo, 5% spandex; fleece is 100% bamboo viscose; hand painted organza is 100% silk; melton is 100% wool; edge trim is 100% silk

All bamboo and wool pieces are available in midnight or oolong with contrasting trim

All garments are available in 5 sizes, XS-XL

about the Collection 2011

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